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Signs You May Have Fractured Your Jaw

Posted on 8/23/2018 by Canyon Oral and Facial Surgery
Signs You May Have Fractured Your JawAnytime you have pain in your face, you should be concerned and let us know. Especially if you suffered trauma to the face due to an accident, sports injury or assault, you can have a dislocated jaw.

Trauma to the face usually results in jaw problems and it is very important to follow through with our office to avoid more serious complications.

Jaw pain can be caused by things like bruxism, but when there is any kind of trauma to the head it is better to be safe than sorry and make an appointment to be seen by our dentist.

How Do I Know if My Jaw is Fractured?

When your jaw is fractured one or both sides of the muscle joint are out of place and it will hurt to eat or open your mouth to yawn. Other signs of a fractured jaw include:

•  Pain on one or both sides of the ear that worsens when you move your mouth,
•  Stiffness of the jaw which causes difficulty opening your mouth and closing it,
•  The feeling that the jaw moves from side to side,
•  Pain when chewing,
•  Loose teeth,
•  Bump on the cheek or jaw,
•  Lower lip numbness,
•  Swelling or bleeding in the face,
•  Change in your bite,
•  Locked jaw,
•  Misaligned teeth.

If you think you have a fractured jaw, you must seek medical attention promptly. When your symptoms happen after hours go to urgent care or the emergency room as soon as possible. If you are having difficulty breathing or are bleeding from your mouth, call 911 immediately.

You can hold your jaw gently in place by wrapping a bandage under the it and over the top of the head until you can get seen by a doctor. When your jaw is dislocated, the physician will put it back in place. You should not attempt to put the jaw back in place, this should be done by a trained professional.


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