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Facial Surgery
Las Vegas, NV

Facial surgery in Las Vegas, NV.If you have suffered some type of facial trauma, oral and maxillofacial specialists are thoroughly qualified when it comes to repairs. Here at Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery, we have two oral surgeons that can help when you need treatment, reconstruction, and any type of rehabilitation. We know what you are going through, and we are here to help.

Facial injuries, by nature, carry a high emotional toll on top of the physical trauma. The secret to helping treat these injuries is by offering a hands-on approach that offers care and understanding. We want to make sure you understand what treatment will include, and have realistic expectations as to your future function and recovered appearance.

Dr. Falk, Dr. Krieger, and Dr. Moody exceed modern standards on nearly every level. They have gone through the training, and have the skills and experience to help manage and repair facial trauma. We work with local hospitals, delivering coverage for emergencies with facial injuries, including the following problems:

•  Lacerations of the face
•  Lacerations in the mouth
•  Knocked-out (Avulsed) teeth
•  Fractured jaws (top or bottom jaw)
•  Fractured bones in the face (eye socket, nose, or cheek)

Understanding Maxillofacial Trauma

Many things can cause facial trauma, including:

•  Slip-and-falls
•  Sports-related injuries
•  Motor vehicle accidents
•  Work-related injuries
•  Interpersonal violence
•  And more

These can lead to many types of trauma, from damaged teeth to more severe injuries, including the skin or bones of your face. There are three categories of facial injuries. Soft tissue injuries include the skin and the gums. Bone injuries involve fractures of the bones in the skull. Special region injuries involve nerves in the face, salivary gland injuries, and even injuries to the eyes.

Soft Tissue Injuries

When an injury to the soft tissue occurs, like a cut to the face, you will need sutures. Care must be taken to restore not only appearance, but also the functionality of the nerves, salivary ducts, and salivary glands of the face. Our oral surgeons have extensive training in soft tissue injuries, and can help diagnose and treat these types of problems.

Bone Injuries

Bony fractures of the face get similar treatments as any other part of the body. Each treatment is slightly different, depending on factors like where the fracture is located, how badly fractured the bone is, the health of the injured patient, and the age of that person. Bones normally get casted to support proper healing. However, since no cast can be applied to the face, other stabilization methods have been developed.

Wiring jaws together is one option when the jaw gets fractured. Surgically placing plates and screws over a fracture can also be an option. This is used whenever possible, as wiring the jaw shut is not the best option in all cases. The newest development in stabilization called rigid fixation, restores function more quickly than other types of surgical treatment, often hastening recovery for patients.

Dental Injuries

Injuries that are isolated to the teeth tend to be common, and can require dental specialists to correct. Typically, our oral surgeons help replant teeth and treat fractures in supporting bones to help bones that were knocked out. Our surgeons use options like splinting the teeth, which can be done with wiring or bonding. If you suffer from a knocked out tooth, make sure you place the tooth in milk or a slight saltwater solution, and call us as soon as it happens so you can get seen. The faster you can get seen and replace that tooth, the more likely it is to survive.

For more information about facial surgery, give us a call today! We have two locations for your convenience.
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