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Tooth Extraction
Las Vegas, NV

You could end up needing a tooth extraction for a wide variety of reasons. You need to speak with one of our oral surgeons here at Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery to determine the best course of treatment for your specific tooth. You may need a severely decayed tooth taken out, or may have periodontal disease that is too advanced to repair a loose tooth. You could even have a broken tooth that could not otherwise be repaired. Some teeth, like impacted teeth, need to be removed due to poor positioning or pain, and others need to come out to prepare for an orthodontic treatment.

A single extraction could lead to chewing issues, jaw pain, shifting of your teeth, and even impact your oral health. That is why our oral surgeons will talk with you about alternatives to an extraction whenever possible.

Tooth extraction in Las Vegas, NV.

How an Extraction is Made

Your tooth will be numbed using a local anesthetic prior to an extraction, along with your jawbone, and all gum tissue that surrounds the affected tooth. While the tooth is being extracted, a lot of pressure is typically what is felt. This is because the tooth must be rocked to make the socket wide enough for removal.

Pressure will not include pain, because the anesthetic will have numbed the nerve, but nerves that can feel pressure are not heavily affected by the medications. Should you feel any pain at all, let us know immediately and we will make sure to re-numb the area.

Sectioning Your Tooth

If your tooth is too wide to remove in a single piece, our oral surgeons may section it. This means the tooth is cut into several sections, then removed one section at a time.

Following an Extraction

Once your tooth has been extracted, it needs to clot so healing can begin. You will need to bite gently on a piece of gauze for 30 to 45 minutes following your appointment. Some oozing following an extraction is to be expected. If bleeding continues, another 30 minutes of biting on gauze will help. This sometimes needs to happen a few times to get the bleeding to stop completely.

Once you have a blood clot in the extraction spot, it is vital you do not mess with it. Vigorous rinsing, sucking on straws or smoking, drinking any type of alcohol, and brushing your teeth right up by the extraction should not happen for at least 72 hours. Each of these things could dissolve or dislodge the clot, hindering the healing process. You should avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours, because it can increase blood pressure and could cause extra bleeding.

Some swelling and pain are normal following an extraction. Frozen small vegetables, like corn or peas, or an ice pack can reduce swelling. You should take your pain medications as our doctors recommend. Most swelling is gone by 48 hours after the extraction.

If the medicine doesn’t seem to help, call us. Make sure you take your antibiotics as prescribed, if you are given them, even if your symptoms subside. Drink a lot of fluids, and eat a soft diet of nutritious foods the day of the extraction. Once you feel comfortable, eating like normal is typically fine, unless one of our surgeons tells you differently.

Resume normal oral hygiene practices after 24 hours, just avoid the extraction spot for the rest of the 72-hour window. You need to keep your mouth healthy, to avoid anything happening to the extraction spot. You should resume normal activities within a few days, but if you don’t feel up to it, or struggle with heavy bleeding, a lot of severe pain, swelling for 2-3 days after the first 48 hours, or some type of negative reaction to any medication we prescribe, give us a call immediately. Centennial Hills: (702) 660-5574, Summerlin: (702) 660-5576


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